Seasonal Facial Treatment in Las Vegas

Las Vegas functions as one of the most prestigious gambling and entertainment hubs of America. It’s home to many performers, business people, and residents who worry about how their skin types react to the desert sun, early signs of aging, and fine lines showing too soon.

If you’re looking for a facial treatment in Las Vegas that will leave your skin fresh, soft, and blemish-free, a Sothys Seasonal Facial treatment from Safi Miran Laser Spa & Rejuvenation Center is your answer. Our facial treatments rejuvenate your skin with nutrients, deep-cleansing minerals, and anti-aging creams that will give your skin a youthful sheen and glow without chemical peels.

Our aestheticians, therapists, and skincare experts have a facial treatment that will work for you regardless of your skin type. We’re proud to offer facials using world-famous skincare ingredients from Sothys Paris, one of the leading innovators in skincare products from the City of Love.

Our facial treatments revolve around all-natural ingredients that suit the needs of Las Vegas inhabitants for every season. For example, Acai Berry and Macaruja extracts are popular during warm and arid summer months for their collagen boosting and deep cleansing properties that help alleviate sunburns and wrinkles from lack of moisturization.

What is the Seasonal Facial Treatment at Safi Miran?

For most of our customers at Safi Miran, the month of January is the best time for a fresh start. After returning home from spending time with their families during the holidays, we find that many Las Vegas residents, tourists, and professionals want exfoliating treatments like enzyme or clay masks to give their skin a chance to breathe. Hydration treatments are also popular after the winter months as the cold can produce dry lips and thirsty skin tissues.

Sothy Paris offers a Hydra 3Ha facial treatment that combines hydrating serums, youth creams, and smooth masks to reinvigorate tired and dehydrated skin cells. At Safi Miran, we have post-seasonal facial products that can cleanse, hydrate, and delay aging so you can extend the effects of our treatment until it’s time for the next one.

If you’re a younger customer, we also offer facials that help clear up acne, blemishes, and pimple scars, typically the most significant cosmetic problems of teenagers and young adults. Our facial treatments can also help you delay premature aging as our Vitamin C and A supplements, along with hyaluronic acid creams, can help stimulate collagen production that will keep your skin glowing and tight.

At Safi Miran, we’re not afraid to deviate from our standard facial treatments to give you the best standard of care possible.

Get the best Sothy’s seasonal facial treatment in Las Vegas by contacting Safi Miran Laser Spa & Rejuvenation Center at (702) 333-0420 today.

seasonal facial treatment in las vegas during procedure
seasonal facial treatment in las vegas after procedure

How can a Seasonal Facial Treatment help you?

A Sothy’s seasonal facial treatment will vary depending on your skin type and cosmetic needs, so our estheticians can strengthen the weaknesses of your skin and highlight its advantages

A Sothy’s facial treatment will prepare your skin for the challenges of the season and act as a preventative barrier for pollutants and weather fluctuations that can accelerate skin aging

A seasonal facial treatment will exfoliate as it cleanses, giving you a face that’s free of dead skin cells and other impurities

A facial treatment will relax your muscles and nerves, which are perfect for de-stressing after a difficult season

Seasonal Facial Treatment Pricing

1 Session


  • 60 Minute Session

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