Signature Nature Pure Custom Facial Las Vegas

Is your skin missing that special glow? Facials are vital in keeping your skin healthy. They provide a multitude of benefits, both physical and mental. Facials repel wrinkles, clear pores, and remove dead skin, and they provide ultimate relaxation.

The facial process also leads to a boost in mood and reduces depression, and they are proven to reduce stress in individuals. Scientists say that facial treatments stimulate your sympathetic nervous system. With a multitude of pressure points on the face, the facial process directly targets areas that lead to the nerves that control mood. You’ll achieve an optimal level of relaxation with our exfoliating facial.

There are a variety of additional benefits that a facial provides. These benefits include stimulating blood circulation, smoothening skin, whitehead/blackhead elimination, and much more! Our staff carefully examines your face to ensure you get the personalized skincare you deserve.

At Safi Miran Laser Spa, the premier provider of skincare solutions in Las Vegas, you’ll want to try the facial Las Vegas residents are clamoring about—we call it the “60 Minutes in Paradise” facial.

What is a Signature Nature Pure Custom Facial?

Our one-of-a-kind Signature Nature Pure Custom facial replenishes your skin, allowing you to look younger and feel refreshed. We’ve developed our facial technique over our several years of experience. We find it’s best to personalize our facial treatments to each client.

The treatment starts with a consultation. We’ll discuss what you’re looking to accomplish with our skincare routine and build a plan around your goals.

We’ll take note of your skin type and if you have any underlying skin conditions. Then, we’ll use this precursory information to plan your treatment.

The session begins under warm steam. Our therapist will examine your skin before starting with a deep facial cleanse. We’ll then exfoliate the outer layer of your skin as well as unclog your pores. At this point, your face will be clean and shiny.

Next, your skin therapist will gently massage your face. This massage relieves tension in your face, helps your blood circulation, and rejuvenates your skin. Shoulder and arm massages may also be part of the process if you choose.

We’ll then apply a custom mask while you relax and decompress from the massage. Your session will conclude with your therapist applying moisturizer and antioxidant cream to your face for an energy boost. You’ll walk out of our lounge feeling brand new and ready to take on the world!

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60 Minutes in Paradise Facial Las Vegas

About Nature Pure Labs

Nature Pure Labs’ products are enriched with the highest of quality and all natural active ingredients.

Nature Pure Labs Promise
•    Results! The absolute highest potency of any skin care products containing unheard of concentrations of actives.
•    Innovation! The Latest and Greatest.
•    Supporting and Improving Health and Well-Being through the Skin!
•    Experience! All Natural Botanical Aromas with no artificial colors or fragrances.
•    Abundance! Antioxidants, Advanced BioActives, and Certified Organics.
•    GMO-Free, Paraben Free, Propylene Glycol Free.
•    Selection of Gluten-Free and Vegan Products.
•    Ethical! Products not tested on animals. Certified Animal Cruelty Free. Recyclable packaging.
•    Made in the USA

60 Minutes in Paradise Facial Las Vegas 2

How can a Signature Nature Pure Custom Facial help you?

Reduce the appearance of fine lines

Remove wrinkles with anti-aging oxidants

Boost your mood

Remove blackheads and whiteheads

Signature Nature Pure Custom facial Las Vegas Pricing

1 Session


  • 60 Minute Session

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